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Making safety our number-one priority in the aerospace industry.


NTN’s engagement in the research and development of aircraft bearings responds to various demands of the aerospace industry. Our firm adherence to safety and reliability has earned NTN engine parts their high reputation. As the industry continues to advance, so do the quality and reliability of our bearings.


Engine bearings are divided broadly into two categories of use: main shafts and reduction gears (auxiliary drive system). Sophisticated technology is required to design and manufacture main shaft bearings, which are used in high-speed and high-temperature conditions. NTN manufactures and supplies a wide variety of bearings for use in generators, motors, starters, fuel pumps, oil pumps, cabin super chargers, air cycle machines, auxiliary power devices, and other components of aerospace applications. You’ll find NTN main shaft bearings on engines that fly the 747 and 737.


Aircraft landing gear systems utilize advanced technologies that can endure high shock loads as the planes make contact with the runway.


NTN is proud to supply American landing-gear-system manufacturers with case-carburized tapered roller bearings that meet the crucial performance criteria specified by the FAA. Every time a 737 or 767 lands, NTN bearings play a small role in its safe arrival.