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Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings utilize conical rollers and raceways, arranged so that the rollers and raceways meet at a common apex. The rollers are guided by contact between the large end of the roller and a rib on the inner ring. This provides high capacity for radial and single thrust loads.


We offer premium tapered roller bearings under the NTN and Bower® brand names. Most NTN and all Bower® tapered roller bearings feature case-carburized components. Cups, cones, and rollers are made from case-hardened alloy steel of “Bearing Quality” to provide superior fatigue life and reliability. Precise control of heat treatment, dimensions, and surface finish of the components further contribute to reliable bearing performance. So whether you’re looking for an American-made, case-carburized inch series taper, or a metric series through-hardened variety, we have you covered with a proper fit for your application. Premium steels and heat treatments are also available for applications requiring extended life and high reliability.


NTN’s pioneering efforts in developing crowned rollers have resulted in greater load-carrying capability and longer bearing life. Crowned rollers under load distribute stress equally along their full length of contact with the raceways, thereby eliminating stress concentration at the roller ends. This design concept also compensates for minor misalignment between shaft and housing bore and deflection under load, thereby reducing stress concentration.

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NTN's Top TRB Stock Guarantee program



NTN's Top TRB Stock Guarantee Program is the only guaranteed inventory stocking program in the industry, and is available exclusively to NTN distribution partners. The program guarantees that NTN will have the highest moving tapered roller bearing part numbers in stock, and offers several advantages to NTN customers:

  • Top SKUs guaranteed in stock-don't miss out on high volume movers.
  • Increase your inventory turns while reducing expensive carrying costs.
  • Improve your tapered roller bearing forecast accuracy by leveraging our guarantee

For more details and conditions of the program, open the Top TRB Flyer below. If you have further questions, either contact your local NTN Sales Representative or fill out the form below.

Don't see one of your high volume TRB's on the list? Let us know via the form below and we'll work with you directly to make sure that part is guaranteed in stock for you

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