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NTN Corporation forms NTN Houdatsu Shimizu Corporation for extra large size bearing production

Mt Prospect, IL - NTN Corporation has announced it will establish the solely owned NTN HOUNDATSU SHIMIZU CORPORATION located in the city of Hakui, Ishikawa Prefecture (Japan) to manufacture extra large size bearings. In response to growing demand for extra large size bearings used in large-scale equipment such as construction machinery and wind turbine facilities, NTN has decided to increase its capacity for this product by creating a new company. While NTN manufactures extra large size bearings at Kuwana Works, forming a new company in Hakui, Ishikawa will provide local Monozukuri (production) technology that can cover all processes and allow for full-scale bearing production. Companies providing such services include NTN HAKUI CORPORATION for turning processes, HAKUI MARUZEN CORPORATION for forging expertise as well as other companies that provide heat-treating techniques for large bearings. Scheduled to start operation with about 100 employees in October 2009, this facility is expected to expand to become the core of NTN’s extra large size bearing production.