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Departmental re-organization institutes intimate market focus at NTN

Mt. Prospect, IL - The Marketing and Sales Planning Department recently announced a reorganization of the group from a regional focus to a market-based segmentation. In the past, analysts would handle customers based on geographic location, whereas now the newly termed Market Specialists can focus on specific customer types. In the new arrangement, the Market Specialists will be more intimately familiar with the trends and challenges of their markets, allowing them to better identify and serve the needs of their customers. This will also allow NTN to better support our aftermarket customers, as a number of specialists have been assigned specifically to the aftermarket.

In addition to the restructuring, the Marketing and Sales Planning Department has also brought together employees from diverse career and educational backgrounds. Included are personnel with experience in pricing, product management, aftermarket sales, and engineering. This broad spectrum has the department well prepared for any challenges NTN may face in the future.