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Important Message from Katsuaki Miyake:

I am communicating with you because, like all of you, I am upset and angered by the recent events in Minneapolis and the disturbing pattern of similar incidents across the United States. The demonstrations that are taking place are a sign of deep frustration and anger with historic racism and inequality in the United States. This has often resulted in black Americans, and other people of color, facing structural inequality, being marginalized, and having an increased fear for their personal safety.

As a Company, we absolutely denounce and reject hatred, racism, stereotyping and bigotry in any form. Embedded in our Code of Conduct and Corporate Principles are the concepts of peace and nonviolence, which are vitally important to remember at this time. Here in Americas Region and specifically the United States, we affirm our support for the communities of color who have been so profoundly affected by this tragedy and others like it. We are deeply committed to the diversity, inclusiveness, equal treatment and safety of all people, including our 5,000 employees in the Americas Region.

NTN is a global company, and we operate in many countries around the world. Our strength is the diversity of our people and the individual perspectives and skills they contribute to the communities in which we operate, to our customers, and to our fellow employees. Each person has value and dignity and will be treated accordingly with respect.

These issues may seem too big in scope and too complex for many of us to understand how we can help be part of the solution. How we treat each other at work matters. By creating opportunities for all of us to fulfill our potential, NTN can contribute significant and positive change. This goes beyond a code, principle or policy. It is an obligation we must all feel deeply and commit to implementing here at work, and in our personal lives. Through these actions we can leverage our influence and resources and make a lasting impact.

I am grateful that we work for a company that cares deeply about its people and the communities in which we are located. We have an opportunity to become better listeners, to better understand our fellow citizens, and to be part of the change we want for this country. We are committed to fostering a diverse workplace where all are welcome and all voices will be heard so that we can improve our company and our communities.

Thank you for all you do. Please continue to be safe in your personal lives and work practices.

Katsuaki Miyake

Executive Officer - NTN Corporation
CEO - NTN Americas Region


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