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2017-10-31 | PRESS RELEASE

NTN Receives Bearings Specialist Association Award for SPAW

Mt. Prospect, IL –
NTN has been awarded a Bearing Manufacturer Excellence of Innovation in Product Design Award from the Bearings Specialists Association in recognition of the SPAW product line. The award recognizes companies for innovation and excellence in product design or technology.

"At NTN, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to our distributor partners and industrial customer base,” said Scott Eiss, Vice President, Industrial Aftermarket Sales. “This award represents the value that we strive to bring to market, and we are proud to be acknowledged by the Bearing Specialists Association for our SPAW product line.”

The NTN SPAW is a one-piece, solid ductile iron housed bearing that dimensionally interchanges with a standard split block SAF style bearing unit. Our SPAW reduces installation time by over 60% when compared to the SAF style by eliminating the use of feeler gauges to set the bearing clearance because it comes with a preset C3 clearance.

The SPAW comes with a unitized ULTAGE bearing insert that has an integrated spring-loaded contact seal which allows for ±1.5° of misalignment without gaps in the contact seal to help keep contamination out. NTN’s SPAW arrives completely assembled and properly lubricated, eliminating on-site bearing assembly.

Additionally, the SPAW bearing insert and adapter assembly are phosphate-coated to minimize corrosion. Optional open and closed ductile-iron end covers easily bolt onto the housing to provide maximum protection in the harshest environments.

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